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Injection Molding Services

From injection mold design and fabrication to production, we employ the most suitable processes to manufacture high-quality plastic components.

       Our certification to           ISO 9001:2015                ISO 13485:2016

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Our Injection Molding Capabilities

  From plastic prototype design to production molding, our custom injection molding services are well-suited for the cost-effective, high-quality production of parts with competitive pricing within rapid delivery timelines. Our robust manufacturing facilities and powerful, precision machines ensure consistent parts production using the same molds. What’s even better is that we offer complimentary expert consultation for every injection molding order, including mold design recommendations, material and surface treatment selections for the final application, and shipping options.

Custom Injection Molding Tooling

We can design and manufacture various injection molding tooling and provide prototype sampling.

Plastic Injection Molding

From mold design to flow analysis, our plastic injection molding is suitable for cost-effective, high-volume production of a wide range of precision plastic parts.


Our insert molding process involves embedding multiple different materials into the injection molding process to produce a variety of complex components.

Insert Molding

Insert molding is the process of molding thermoplastic material around a preformed component to create a finished part that incorporates multiple materials.

Strong Manufacturing Capability

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Why Choose Our Injection Molding Services?

Cost-effective CNC machining services, ranging from ultra-precision components at 0.001mm to large-scale parts up to 20 meters, covering both common and rare components. We excel in delivering outstanding parts at the most competitive costs.


Having competitive pricing

In terms of quality, pricing, and manufacturing speed, Shared-Factory always seeks the best solutions and processes to ensure that your products are manufactured at the most competitive prices, the fastest speeds, and the highest quality.


Rapid Production

With numerous production nodes at our disposal, we can achieve quick deliveries whether it's small-batch customization or large-scale production. Particularly in large-scale manufacturing, Shared-Factory's delivery speed is more than 60% faster than traditional manufacturing


Professional Engineering Support

Shared-Factory has a team of expert engineers from various fields, with each client assigned a dedicated engineer who is ready to optimize designs, reduce costs, and enhance quality at any time. We believe in our team's ability to provide excellent recommendations and unparalleled engineering support.


Quality Assurance

We prioritize quality and ensure that components meet specifications. Shared-Factory, certified with ISO 2768 and ISO 9001:13485, is equipped with various advanced inspection instruments and a team of professional quality inspectors. Quality checks are conducted at every stage of the manufacturing process to ensure the quality of the parts.


Global Delivery (DDP)

Global Delivery: Regardless of your location, we will deliver the parts to your specified destination. You won't be responsible for any customs or transportation matters; you just need to receive the parts at home.


One-Stop Supply

Shared-Factory boasts over 50 different types of production equipment with extensive manufacturing capabilities. You don't need to deal with multiple suppliers; simply rely on Shared-Factory for a one-stop solution to all your needs

ISO Certifications

We have gone the extra mile to ensure that our operations align with the highest industry standards. To demonstrate our commitment to quality and excellence, we have proactively pursued and obtained recognized certifications from reputable organizations.

How does Shared-Factory ensure excellent quality?

Professional Project Engineer

Overseen by experienced engineers with years of expertise, ensuring the reliable execution and quality control of the entire project.

Our Quality Inspection Steps


Material Certifications

We meticulously ensure material quality to prevent functional issues caused by subpar materials. When needed, we offer ROHS material certification

ROHS Certification


In-process Inspection

We perform on-site inspections and measurements at various stages of the machining process to ensure dimensions and quality at each step

Free of charge


Comprehensive Inspection

We conduct comprehensive inspections of components using quality inspection equipment such as a coordinate measuring machine

Free of charge


Function Testing

For functional components, we assemble various parts meticulously and conduct comprehensive functional testing on the entire functional assembly

Free of charge


Final Inspection Report

In the final inspection phase, we provide customers with a comprehensive inspection report summarizing all inspection processes and results

Free of charge

What is Injection Molding?

Injection molding is a manufacturing process in which molten material, typically plastic, is injected into a mold cavity under high pressure. Once the material cools and solidifies, it takes on the shape of the mold cavity, resulting in the production of a wide range of plastic parts and products. Injection molding is commonly used for mass production of plastic components due to its efficiency and ability to produce precise and complex shapes.

Class of Injection Molding Mold

 we design and create precise custom injection molds from high-quality materials. Our processes ensure unmatched consistency and repeatability at fast lead times and affordable pricing. Every plastic injection molding we fabricate meets international standards. From one-off projects to small batches and production tooling, we provide durable and reliable mold tools.

Mold Class


Shot Life



Lead Time

Class 105

Prototype Testing

Under 500 cycles

±  0.02mm


7-10 days

Class 104

Low-volume Production

Under 100.000 cycles

±  0.02mm


10-15 days

Class 103

Low-volume Production

Under 500.000 cycles±  0.02mm


10-15 days

Class 102

Medium-volume ProductionMedium to high production±  0.02mm


10-15 days

Class 101

High-volume ProductionOver 1,000,000 cycles±  0.02mm


10-18 days

Injection molding materials

njection molding uses a huge range of plastics, making it ideal for many applications across nearly every industry,We can source thousands of materials on request. Please contact [email protected] for specific mterial requests.


Rigid Plastic

Plastic injection molding service comes with a wide range of materials with different properties, including impact strength, rigidity, thermal resistance, chemical resistance, etc.



Surface Finishes of Injection Molding

Injection molding uses a huge range of plastics, making it ideal for many applications across nearly every industry. We can source thousands of materials on request. Please contact [email protected] for specific material requests.

GlossyA grade finishes are made using a diamond buffing process and yield shiny and glossy surfaces on injection molded parts. 


B grade finishes use grit sandpaper to produce parts with a slightly rougher finish than grade A parts. Custom molded plastic parts that undergo B grade finishing have a matte surface texture.
MatteC grade finishes use grit sanding stones to produce a rough, uneven surface. Injection plastic parts that undergo C grade finishing have a matte surface texture. 
TexturedD grade finishes use grit and dry glass beads or oxide to produce a very rough textured finish. Depending on the type of material used, products can have a satin or dull finish.

What’s the right material for each SPI surface finish?

SPI surface/mold finishes produce different results depending on the material you use for injection molding components. The tables below detail how to select the right mold finish and materials for your specific application.

Glossy finish

Polypropylene (PP)Not recommendedAverageAverage
Polystyrene (PS)AverageAverageGood
HDPENot recommendedAverageAverage
Polycarbonate (PC)AverageGoodExcellent
Polyurethane (TPU)Not recommendedNot recommendedNot recommended

Semi-glossy finish

Polypropylene (PP)GoodGoodExcellent
Polystyrene (PS)ExcellentExcellentExcellent
Polycarbonate (PC)GoodGoodAverage
Polyurethane (TPU)Not recommendedAverageAverage

Matte finish

Polypropylene (PP)ExcellentExcellentExcellent
Polystyrene (PS)ExcellentExcellentExcellent
Polycarbonate (PC)AverageNot recommendedNot recommended
Polyurethane (TPU)GoodGoodGood

Textured finish

Polypropylene (PP)ExcellentExcellentExcellent
Polystyrene (PS)ExcellentExcellentGood
Polycarbonate (PC)ExcellentNot recommendedNot recommended
Polyurethane (TPU)ExcellentExcellentGood

Work With Numerous Industries

Due to our robust manufacturing capabilities, competitive pricing, swift delivery, excellent quality, global shipping, and many other advantages, we are increasingly partnering with friends from various industries worldwide. This includes but is not limited to aerospace, medical, semiconductor, robotics, automation, machine tool equipment, automotive, consumer electronics, and more.


Our high-precision manufacturing services and specialty materials meet the complex requirements of the aerospace industry across various stages.

Common Questions About Injection Molding Services

We have ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 certifications.

In general, we have the RFQ ready within 24 hours. It takes two days to set up the mold and order and process the materials, and one day for packing and sending the order out to be shipped. The volume of your parts will determine the number of days required for manufacturing.

  The cost of our services varies based on several factors such as component size, mold complexity, number of cavities, material type, and post-processing requirements. We provide quotes after analyzing these factors on our platform.

Once an order is placed, mold design and creation typically take around 35 days, with an additional 3-5 days for the production of the molded parts.

Shared-Factory accommodates both small and large production runs, from single prototypes to mass production, with no strict minimum order quantity.

SPI surface finishes refer to the predominant global surface finish standard set by the Plastics Industry Trade Association (SPI). It covers the 12 grades of SPI mold finishes. You can also refer to SPI surface finishes as SPI mold finishes.

While SPI surface finishes are widely used around the world, they aren’t the only mold finishes. The other standard to consider is the VDI 3400 texture or surface finish standard. Set by the Society of German Engineers, it covers 45 grades of texture for injection molded parts.

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