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Quality Assurance for the Production of High-Quality Parts

Our advanced manufacturing processes, stringent quality assurance measures, and adherence to industry standards ensure the high quality, precision, and durability of your parts and prototypes.

How does Shared-Factory ensure excellent quality?

Professional Project Engineer

Overseen by experienced engineers with years of expertise, ensuring the reliable execution and quality control of the entire project.

Specific Practices for Quality Assurance

Technical assessment

Before the production stage begins, our engineering team performs a technical assessment on your parts design. This includes an assessment on important factors such as material, surface finish, structure, process, and other details of your 3D and 2D drawings.

Material verification

On our customer’s request, we provide a certification of the material we used for making your parts. The report comes from the raw material manufacturer and usually includes material heat number, material grade, material dimensions, mechanical properties, chemical analysis, etc.

On-site inspection system

  In precision machining, it is important that materials being worked on is always at the right position. With on-site inspection system, positions are examined automatically, and adjustments are made accordingly. Using on-site inspection system further helps avoids issues at the early stage, saving cost and time.

In-process quality control

  we strictly obey the ISO9001:2015 requirements. The quality control staff conducts routine inspections for all parts that are being produced every 2 hours. This further prevents risks from happening.

Full-dimensional inspection report

For all orders, we provide full dimensional inspection report on request. This report will include the following: quantity of parts, critical dimensions, threads and tolerances, thicknesses and depths, part appearance, etc.


Ensuring that the parts we manufacture are of the highest quality is important. We know about the unpredictability of logistics. Therefore, we make sure we lower the risk to the parts during our packaging process. Four layers of protection: 1. wrapping paper 2. EPE 3. foam 4. paper/wooden box are applied during the packaging process, ensuring that we deliver the most high-quality and beautiful parts to you.

State-of-the-art Facilities

We have an ample number of inspection rooms, equipped with various inspection instruments and quality control personnel across different workshops, enabling us to conduct meticulous inspections and support our stringent quality control protocols.

ISO Certifications

We have gone the extra mile to ensure that our operations align with the highest industry standards. To demonstrate our commitment to quality and excellence, we have proactively pursued and obtained recognized certifications from reputable organizations.

Our Quality Inspection Steps


Material Certifications

We meticulously ensure material quality to prevent functional issues caused by subpar materials. When needed, we offer ROHS material certification

ROHS Certification


In-process Inspection

We perform on-site inspections and measurements at various stages of the machining process to ensure dimensions and quality at each step

Free of charge


Comprehensive Inspection

We conduct comprehensive inspections of components using quality inspection equipment such as a coordinate measuring machine

Free of charge


Function Testing

For functional components, we assemble various parts meticulously and conduct comprehensive functional testing on the entire functional assembly

Free of charge


Final Inspection Report

In the final inspection phase, we provide customers with a comprehensive inspection report summarizing all inspection processes and results

Free of charge

React Quickly and Effectively to Quality Issues

We aims to deliver exceptional prototypes and parts that fulfill your specific requirements. In the event that your order fails to meet your specifications, we can process a rework or a refund. Feel free to contact our experts if you come across any quality issues within 1 month of receiving your goods. Let us know of the issue within five business days from receipt, and we’ll address them within 1 to 3 business days.

Conditions for Rework

After advising us of the concern, we review the design and samples to check for inconsistencies. We then fix the complaints and send replacements immediately.

Conditions for Refund

Refunds are quickly processed upon confirmation of product issues, and return is processed.

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