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On-demand manufacturing for medical devices.

Procuring customized medical device components.

New product development for the medical industry with on demand manufacturing. From rapid prototyping to mass production of medical products, enjoy reliable manufacturing services at competitive pricing.
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Why Choose Us for Medical Device Manufacturing

With years of manufacturing experience, we have accumulated rich expertise in the manufacturing of medical device components. The project team at Shared-Factory collaborates with our robust manufacturing capabilities to create customized plans based on your production needs. At Shared-Factory, our mission is to seamlessly guide you from prototype design to rapid manufacturing of medical device components.

Precision Manufacturing Capability

Medical devices typically have extremely strict precision requirements. With our years of accumulated experience and advanced processes, we ensure the rapid delivery of perfect, compliant medical device components.


Having competitive pricing

In terms of quality, pricing, and manufacturing speed, Shared-Factory always seeks the best solutions and processes to ensure that your products are manufactured at the most competitive prices, the fastest speeds, and the highest quality.


Quality Assurance

We prioritize quality and ensure that components meet specifications. Shared-Factory, certified with ISO 2768 and ISO 9001:13485, is equipped with various advanced inspection instruments and a team of professional quality inspectors. Quality checks are conducted at every stage of the manufacturing process to ensure the quality of the parts.


Global Delivery (DDP)

Global Delivery: Regardless of your location, we will deliver the parts to your specified destination. You won't be responsible for any customs or transportation matters; you just need to receive the parts at home.


Engineering Support

Shared-Factory has a team of expert engineers from various fields, with each client assigned a dedicated engineer who is ready to optimize designs, reduce costs, and enhance quality at any time. We believe in our team's ability to provide excellent recommendations and unparalleled engineering support.

Prototyping to Production Stages for Medical Industry

Take advantage of top-level solutions for medical product development. Shared-Factory offers expertly designed and engineered custom products with excellent durability and functionality. We offer these solutions in various stages, helping you meet your production goals.


 Prototyping marks the early stage of medical component development. During this phase, you need to test your design, make necessary design changes, and select appropriate materials for the medical component.

At Shared-Factory, we use your prototype design files and product specifications to create working prototypes for you. Based on your design requirements, we will develop parts that match the appearance and functionality of the final product. Our aim is to enable you to inspect and test the parts to ensure they meet your specifications. We also ensure a quick turnaround for prototypes.

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Manufacturing Capabilities for Medical Devices

Utilize our professional manufacturing services throughout the entire production cycle, from prototype fabrication and design validation to functional testing and product release. We offer high-quality, precise medical components with quick turnaround and cost-effectiveness. With our quality control processes, you can ensure that you receive parts that meet your unique requirements

CNC Machining

Leveraging our various 3-axis, 5-axis, and multi-axis CNC machines for rapid and high-precision component manufacturing.
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Injection Molding

Utilizing our various plastic injection molding processes, including plastic injection molding, rubber injection molding, and molding injection, for large-scale production of various plastic components.
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Sheet Metal Fabrication

By employing processes such as laser cutting, punching, bending, and stretching, we are capable of manufacturing a wide range of sheet metal components.
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Metal forming

Leveraging our various stamping, die-casting, and metal injection molding processes for large-scale production of various metal components.
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Common Materials for Medical Devices

Medical device materials are subject to extremely strict requirements and exhibit characteristics such as biocompatibility, corrosion resistance, high strength and rigidity, processability, transparency, high-temperature resistance, low toxicity, wear resistance, sealing properties, and ease of cleaning. These features are designed to ensure the safety, performance, and reliability of medical devices.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is one of the most common materials used in medical devices. It offers advantages such as corrosion resistance, high hardness, and strength, making it suitable for manufacturing surgical instruments, medical needles, screws, and more.

Medical Device Applications

At Shared-Factory, we enhance the productivity of various medical device components. Common medical device applications we undertake include:

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Case Studies in Custom Medical Device Manufacturing

High-precision medical devices require advanced machining, skilled coordination of various processes, and experienced engineers. From prototype design to batch production, we have the capability to meet a wide range of medical device requirements.

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Over the years, we have accumulated a wealth of experience and knowledge while serving clients worldwide. Our robust manufacturing capabilities span a wide range of industries, including but not limited to aerospace, medical, electronics and semiconductors, robotics, automation, and the automotive sector.

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