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Survey Report on China’s CNC Machining Services

                                           Market Overview of CNC Machining in China

China’s CNC machining services market exhibits a diverse and expansive landscape, reflecting the extensive growth of the industry. There are over 8 million enterprises engaged in CNC machining across various fields, including CNC turning, CNC grinding, CNC milling, electrical processing, hardware stamping, die-casting, injection molding, 3D printing, and more. These enterprises vary significantly in size, with large companies employing over 2,000 individuals, while small businesses may have as few as 3 to 5 employees. This diversity ensures a comprehensive coverage of the high, middle, and low ends of China’s CNC machining sector.

The diversity in the market brings several notable advantages. Firstly, China’s CNC machining service market is highly flexible and capable of catering to diverse industries and requirements. Enterprises of different sizes can provide customized solutions tailored to customer demands, serving a wide range of market needs, from small-batch precision components to large-scale engineering projects.

CNC Machining Services

                             The current level of competition in the Chinese CNC machining market is highly intense.


However, beneath this diversity, there are also challenges. Fierce competition has compelled many CNC machining companies in China to accept orders at exceptionally low prices. This has led some businesses to use cheap materials and low-quality processes to minimize costs, which, in turn, raises concerns about product quality. Simultaneously, certain enterprises in China have maintained their commitment to quality standards and rejected orders that fall below their cost thresholds. This practice ensures the quality of orders, as these companies are willing to invest more resources and efforts into quality control, often employing high-quality materials and advanced production processes to offer reliable CNC machining services.

The CNC machining services market in China is marked by intense competition, with quality issues being a key challenge. Some companies may compromise on quality to reduce costs, while others uphold high-quality standards, willing to bear some economic pressure. In this fiercely competitive environment, clients and buyers need to carefully select their partners to ensure they receive high-quality CNC machining services.

Chinese CNC machining

                                  Comparison of CNC Machining Prices in China

In terms of price comparison, the report reveals the competitiveness of China’s CNC machining services, particularly when compared to the European market. Data indicates that the price of five-axis CNC machining is approximately 60% of that in European countries, CNC milling is around 50%, CNC grinding is approximately 70%, and CNC turning is about 40%. Given equivalent quality conditions and factoring in transportation costs, CNC machining services in China, on the whole, are roughly 60% of the price in the European market, presenting a significant price advantage.

As a result, many European enterprises are increasingly outsourcing the production of large-batch and moderately precise components to China. This trend not only helps European companies manage production costs but also meets their requirements, enhancing their overall competitiveness.

CNC machining

Simultaneously, China’s CNC machining services sector is witnessing the emergence of online CNC machining service platforms, such as These platforms bring together manufacturers and production lines utilizing various production processes, enabling the large-scale production of components with diverse manufacturing methods. They offer buyers a convenient one-stop solution for purchasing and customization. The advent of these platforms further enhances the convenience and customization options within China’s CNC machining services, providing more opportunities and choices for both buyers and sellers and is expected to further drive the development of this industry.


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